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Monday Maintenance & Home Care is a personal caretaker service for people with vacation residences in Montana’s Flathead Valley. Our clients rely on us to monitor, manage and maintain their homes while they are away. They also count on us for a mountain of other things: getting their skis and boats tuned up, gassing up their vehicles and delivering them to the airport, stocking up on groceries, meeting with contractors and vendors (like the cable guy), and closing up their homes.

We look at it like this. Your job is to enjoy yourself as much as possible during your vacation. Our job is to help you do it, by keeping your vacation home well-maintained and providing other needed services. As our clients have found, we’re very good at our job. We hope you’ll allow us to demonstrate! //Eddie & Stephanie Monday

A TIME for relaxation, enjoyment, adventure and family fun.

for making home repairs, cleaning out gutters, washing windows, and waiting around for the cable guy. Those mundane tasks you should leave to us.