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When you grow up dreaming of mountains you leap at the chance to move to an idyllic place called Whitefish. We made the jump back in 1993, after working in the hospitality industry and building houses in Arizona. When we announced we were moving to Montana, our friends thought we had heat stroke. It was the best move we ever made. Landing in Whitefish, we started by working at Big Mountain where Eddie managed the maintenance department at The Edelweiss condominiums.

Putting our background to work

We started Monday Maintenance & Home Care in 1996, to fulfill the growing need for professional, reliable vacation home care in the North Flathead Valley. Now, instead of building homes, we build relationships. We have made a lot of great friends through our business and we are honored that they trust us with their homes. We treat them like the treasures they are – the homes and the friendships. Every day and night, we thank our lucky stars (and our big sky is filled with them) to be living the life of our dreams. Our two young boys, Brandon and Colton, are thankful too. They get to hike, camp, fish and ski to their heart’s content. That is, until we someday put them to work. For now, we’ll let them live in their own dream world.


 I find both Eddie & Stephanie Monday to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. I know that when I am gone, all problems are solved. Anyone employing them will find the Mondays to be quite an asset. - Anne