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Beyond home maintenance, errands and other services, we provide something of even greater value:  peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure when you have us close by to check on it. We serve as your local “eyes and ears” while you’re away. Considering all the time and money you have invested in your vacation home, hiring a reliable local caretaker is a smart, safe move.  

It must be a law of nature

It always seems that home problems only happen when no one is around. That’s when pipes freeze, water heaters leak, storms wreak havoc, and roofs collapse from heavy ice and snow. Montana, as you know, can get bone-chilling, pipe-cracking, tree-snapping cold. Perfect conditions for trouble. Even when it’s warm, there are plenty of potential problems that can occur while you are gone. Coordinating service work and supervising repairs isn’t easy when you live in Florida…or Canada…or some other far-off location. With us, your problems are solved and your worries are over.  

If you prefer to go it alone

Here are some home maintenance tips, in case you choose to be your own caretaker. Otherwise, we would be glad to handle everything for you.

  • Check for water heater leaks
  • Give heating and A-C regular checkups
  • Change furnace filters
  • Clear blockages in gutters and downspouts
  • Make sure combustible materials are safely stored
  • Inspect and clean your chimney
  • Replace shingles and repair roof damage
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Remove dead trees and branches around home
  • Make sure pipes are well-insulated
  • Keep doors under sinks open in cold weather
  • Make sure all vents are clear
  • Install a security alarm system

 Eddie knows our home better than we do and he maintains it to the highest standards. He can perform most maintenance and repairs himself. The quality of his work is excellent. In addition, he knows the various vendors and repair services in town and his good relationships with them ensure we have prompt service and fair prices.
- Liz